What We Buy

Blue Ribbon specializes in appraisals and buying of heirloom valuables

With our team of experts boasting in excess of fifty years worth of experience, we can offer you the highest possible market price for your valuables. Below is an overview of the types of valuables we purchase.

  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Pocket Watches
  • Coins
  • Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion
  • United States Paper Money
  • Sterling Silver Hollowware
  • Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Dental Gold
  • Scrap Metals
  • Other Rarities


We buy valuables made from gold, silver, or platinum in any condition. Whether your jewelry pieces are broken, scratched, outdated, or just plain out of style, send them in for a fair and honest evaluation.

With a bit of TLC, we refurbish and resale your jewelry whenever possible to ensure it finds a great home in someone else’s life. Only rarely do we melt and sell for scrap — so there’s no need to discriminate between prized family heirlooms and yesterday’s impulse buy!

Types of jewelry we buy

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Pendants
  • Charms
  • Earrings
  • Jade Jewelry
  • Coral Jewelry
  • Semi-Precious Stones
  • Any intriguing pieces of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium

Watches and Pocket Watches

We maintain a perennial interest in premium luxury and mechanical watches. All prospective sellers receive free appraisals with no strings attached and, should they decide to sell, we deliver the best prices the market has to offer on authentic timepieces.


We check the material, weight, typefaces, engravings, movement, and function against precise testing standards that verify its pedigree.


Materials matter and can often determine a substantial portion of the appraisal. In some cases, a stainless steel watch is more valuable than the same watch in gold. In either case, our knowledge and rigor will yield you the best possible estimate.


We study market prices to find out where your watch clocks in and offer you top-dollar.

Some of the brands we’ve purchased in the past:

Coins and Bullion

We buy coins, bullion, and collectibles made of a precious metal such as gold, silver, platinum, and some palladium. No matter the age or vintage, Blue Ribbon Estate Buyers offers the best market price for full collections, accumulations, or individual coins.

Things to look for:
  • Dimes, quarters, and half-dollars produced in 1964 and earlier contain 90% silver.
  • Silver dollars produced in 1935 and earlier contain 90% silver.
  • Half dollars produced from 1965 to 1969 contain 40% silver.
  • Nickels produced in 1938 and earlier and nickels from 1942 to 1945.
  • Pennies produced in 1958 and earlier.
  • Please note that we only buy foreign coins containing gold or silver.

Sterling Silver Hollowware & Flatware

We buy Sterling Silver (92.5%) flatware and hollowware, along with Fine Silver (99%), Japanese Sterling (95%), Coin Silver (90%), Eastern European Silver (80%), and more. 

Please note we do not buy silver-plated items or nickel silver. While they look and feel very similar to silver, they offer very little resale value and unfortunately do not contain enough actual silver to merit scrapping.

Paper Money

We carefully examine and evaluate your paper money from both the United States and foreign countries. All United States currency is legal tender and can be used in normal cash transactions, but there is collector value for some of the older issues — particularly ‘horse blankets’ or large-size currency issued prior to 1929.

Most foreign paper money brought home as keepsakes or mementos have no value unless it’s in pristine and unused condition.

Dental Gold and Scrap Metal

We buy all scrap metals that contain precious metals, whether it be gold, silver or platinum. We will buy all purities of these metals as long as they are not plated. Some common examples of scrap metals are dental gold, materials left over from jewelry making, harshly damaged jewelry, damaged Sterling Silver flatware and hollowware, and more.

Other Rarities

We are always interested in other small, easily transportable antiques and collectibles that are unique and unusual. Please call 800-240-9606 to confirm our interest.

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