Free Appraisal Kit

Fill out the form for a free appraisal kit

1. Complete the request form

Just complete this form to request your free Appraisal Kit. The kit will then be sent directly to your home with detailed instructions on how to safely send in your gold and valuables to us.

2. Securely ship your items

  • Once you receive your Appraisal Kit, just complete the Customer Information Card with your list of inventory and information about the items you are shipping.
  • Place your items in the tamper-proof plastic bag that we provide with the Customer Information Card, and then add them to the bubble mailer.
  • Insert the bubble mailer into your provided envelope with the prepaid insured shipping label and return it to any United States Post Office.

3. Receive your payout in less than 24 hours

As soon as we receive your Appraisal Kit, you will receive a confirmation email. One of our expert evaluators will examine your items and then calculate the value based on the daily spot price, purity, weight, quality and more.

We will then send you a quote via email or over-the-phone and as soon as you accept the offer, we will send you a secure payment via eCheck, PayPal, Venmo, Direct Deposit, or Company Check within 24 hours! If you decline our offer, we will ship your items back absolutely free of charge.